The story of how Banting Recipes started

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It was the beginning of 2015 and I’ve had a year of studies behind me. Now if you study you know that inevitably you will be gaining weight as you do not have time for proper cooking, so you grab a burger here, eat some pizza there, you constantly munch away as the stresses of tests and assignments overwhelms you.

You basically eat, a lot. So, after the 2014 year I gained about 8 kg give or take.

I was also going through a lot of personal things in my life and with my weight that got to this point, I knew that this wasn’t me.

I like healthy eating, I like feeling good about myself and continuing in the way I was eating while studying and going through the ups and downs of life, well, will just not cut it.

My fiancé’s dad, which is a professor told both of us about the new revolutionary Banting lifestyle and the science behind it all. He was very optimistic and excited about it as he had already lost a lot weight while living the new lifestyle.

I was a sceptic, to be honest, I did not believe eating vast amounts of fat will actually help you lose weight, I thought you will be gaining for sure.

In the beginning of 2015 I decided to try and incorporate this new lifestyle into my own. I also started a new gym plan and I was optimistic.

By the end of June 2015 I had already lost 5kg and I was really surprised about the results. I started to feel absolutely great and every time I would talk to someone about health and diets, I would mention what Banting had done for me.

By the middle of June, I decided that with my new goals achieved, that it was time for me to take a trip overseas. I went to the UK and Europe for about two weeks.

What I saw there was quite astounding, everyone was eating only carbohydrates, fresh produce was very scarce and the only thing available was either high in carbs or sugar.

It was extremely difficult to get any good ingredients for pretty much anything. I then knew that if the banting lifestyle had to hit the UK and Europe market, this would change the health and lives of many.

So, after my trip (I had quite a lot of carbs and felt awful, I gained about a kilo or two) I decided that I too want to be part of this movement to help others in an innovative and supporting manner.

When I got back to South Africa, I decided to start a recipe website providing information and healthy recipes for those interested in the Banting movement. So, here we are almost a year later and I’ve inspired 500 members and almost 5000 likes on Facebook 🙂

I would like to end off by saying thank you to every member and like I’ve received so far. You guys have made this journey worthwhile and I continue to value all of the input and support given to the website.

Below is the progress I had made from 1 January 2015 until today.

My weight and measurements are as follow:

Weight (started): 63kg
Weight (today): 57kg


Waist (before): 81.5 cm
Waist (now): 74 cm
Chest (before): 91.5 cm
Chest (now): 85 cm
Hip (before): 92cm
Hip (now): 92 cm
Thighs (before): 55 cm
Thighs (now): 53cm
Shoulders (before): 99 cm
Shoulders (now): 96.5 cm
Arms (before): 24 cm
Arms (now): 23.5 cm

Before and after photos:






















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  1. magie says:

    Hello Schuzelle,

    Thanks for sharing your recipes its good. However, I do not like the idea how you post in slide show, keep sliding, flipping switching, every half second and no time to read. Its better to read in stable position and just click whichever you are interested.



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