Bacon and Mushroom Banting Wrap

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August 14, 2015

Bacon and Mushroom Banting Wrap. Best wrap ever.

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 1 Serving


2 Banting wraps (from Dischem)

100g of Bacon bits

1/4 Onion

1/4 Greenpepper

1 cup of sliced Mushrooms

25 ml Coconut Milk

1/2 tsp of dried Coriander

1/2 tsp of Texan Steak seasoning

1/2 tsp of Salted butter

1/2 tsp of Pepper

4 Butter Lettuce leaves

4 Romanita Tomatoes

2 T of diced English Cucumber


Bacon, onion, greenpepper

1Place bacon bits, onion and greenpepper in a frying pan over medium to high temperature.

2Fry ingredients until crispy.

Mushroom sauce

1In a saucepan fry mushrooms in salted butter until golden.

2Add the coconut milk, coriander, Texan steak seasoning and pepper.

3Cook the sauce until it is a little bit thicker.

Lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber

1Slice the lettuce in smaller pieces.

2Dice the tomatoes and cucumber.


1Place wrap in a frying pan (without anything) on medium high heat.

2Heat up for 1.5 Minutes on each side.

3Remove from pan into a plate.


1First place the mushroom sauce in the middle.

2Add the lettuce in the middle of the wrap.

3Add the bacon, onion and greenpepper in the middle of the wrap.

4Add the tomatoes and cucumber in the middle of the wrap.

5Roll the wrap and slice in the middle.


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