Moroccan Chicken Salad

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November 10, 2017

Moroccan Chicken Salad. Great as a light lunch or dinner for the hot summer days.

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Yields: 1 serving


1-2 lettuce leaves

1/2 cup of cucumber, diced

1/4 red onion, sliced

6-8 Romanita tomatoes, halved

1-2 medium gherkins, sliced

30g mozzarella cheese, diced

30g feta cheese, diced

1 chicken breasts, sliced

2 tsp Moroccan spice

salt and pepper

1 tsp olive oil

2 T of sour cream


1Heat a frying pan to medium to high heat.

2Add the chicken, olive oil, salt and pepper and Moroccan spice.

3Cook until soft and tender.

4Remove from heat and let cool.

5Start arranging plate. First add the lettuce leaf.

6Then start with the feta cheese, cucumber, onion, tomato, gherkins, mozzarella cheese and finally the chicken.

7Place sour cream in separate ramekin.



Nutrition Facts

Serving Size1 bowl of salad
Calories423 calories per serving
Sodium617mg per serving
Protein41g per serving
Sugar5g per serving
Total Fat23g per serving
Total Carbohydrates12g per serving

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March 16, 2018

Hi Johannah

Currently we do not provide a menu as each person will have different needs in terms of what to eat and how much to eat of the specific food.

A good rule of thumb is to only have 2 banting meals a day, breakfast/lunch & dinner and the calories of each meal not exceeding 2000kcal (8400 kj) for a woman and 2500kcal (10500 kj) for a man.




March 8, 2018

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