Roasted Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms

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November 25, 2016

Roasted Cheesy Garlic Mushrooms. Great side dish or dish on its own.

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Yields: 5 mushrooms


1 packet of mushrooms (whole)

2 tsp of crushed garlic

1/4 cup of butter

1/2 cup of grated cheddar

Spray and Cook


1Take the stems off of the mushrooms.

2Wash them thoroughly (if unwashed). Pat dry.

3In the microwave melt the butter and garlic for 1 Minutes.

4Drench the mushrooms one by one in the butter.

5Spray a baking square (tin) with spray and cook.

6Place each mushroom in the square and add the cheese on top.

7Drizzle with the remainder of the butter.

8Roast in the oven on 220°C for 12 Minutes.



Nutrition Facts

Serving Size5 mushrooms
Calories426 calories per serving
Sodium1034mg per serving
Protein16g per serving
Sugar2g per serving
Total Fat39g per serving
Total Carbohydrates3g per serving

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